How to Play Against Loose Online Players

Written by Tavis Poker House. Posted in Strategies straight from Texas

Evading loose players is both a helpless and a rash decision. These players visit every online poker room and even though they can be horrible players, they are an integral voice of the game. Their main contributions are the huge pots that are created from their persistent raising and playing. Since they can benefit your stack it is smart to learn how to play poker against them. This guide has some strategies that can enhance your skills. you can play at tavistockhouse, which explains exactly that.

Loose players will play more online poker hands and consistently chase unpopular poker strategies. Since they will follow more premium hands with some shady concepts that the next card will be the one they need to win, and that they raise and re-raise persistently, they are labelled as aggressive loose players.

The best hope of winning against these players is complicated by their tendency to pursue every premium hand that is dealt. Aggressive loose players can be beaten in their own backyard. There are different strategies to use against aggressive loose poker players. These include slow playing your top hands. Get out on the way and allow the aggressive loose player to lead the staking. They will not shy away even with a low hand.

One of the best strategies maybe to place lower bids. Thus, mislead the aggressive loose player in thinking that your have a horrible hand, and he will aggressively raise and re-raise his bids. The outcome is a sure reduction of his bankroll. Needless to say, this persistent raising can also conceal a premium hand, so be cautious when evaluating the strength of his hands.

Some loose players are not as aggressive and you can get by them without much effort. They are called passive loose players because they like to raise pre-flop but usually fold under pressure. It is preferred to always play carefully against these players, since they are unpredictable and can switch to aggressive loose play. Watch your tilt here as this can lead to bad beats.

Ever so often, these players will show some signs of weakness at the poker site. This is your window of opportunity, you might do well raising and re-raising on pre flop. The outcome of this is marvellous. The passive loose players will keep up their chase fervently, resulting in a huge pot, but in the end they will fold and deplete their stack.

There are many online poker sites, poker tournaments and poker tourneys, dedicated to Texas Holdem, Omaha Hi and other poker games, where you can practice your poker strategy against loose online players.

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