The History Of Roulette

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Roulette is one of the oldest forms of gambling and can be directly linked to the birth of casino towns such as Monte Carlo. It has a wealth of mysterious stories and romantic unions surrounding this casino staple, that has made this not only one of the most influential games but also one of the hardest to win.

We are now so used to Roulette wheels that they appear to have been around forever, but how we play the game has changed dramatically. An example of this, is that the early casinos of the 19th Century were often frequented by mathematicians who tried desperately to gain tips from the roulette players. Now we have a variety of online roulette, from classic options to fashionably geek games, all at the touch of a button. Our world may have changed but has the game?

1700 - 1800 Roulette was born
Roulette hails from 18th Century France and literally means "Little Wheel". It was a popular game that was mainly used as a recreational means of passing the time. The Roulette wheel is first mentioned in 1796 in JaqueLablees Novel "La Roulette ou Jour", which was a satirical look at the King of Paris' love of the game amongst other things. This novel is really where the passion for the game began and it appeared that it wasn't long before everyone wanted a wheel.

The early French wheels were closely related to the popular American double Zero wheels that are still in use today. To stop confusion and create competition, the French colour coded their wheels red and black, traditional colours that have stayed since.

1800 - 1900 Roulette and the birth of modern Casino towns

Little was heard of in terms of the game of Roulette until the early 1800's, there has been speculation that this was due to the increase in popularity of other gambling games, but Roulette did make its comeback with a loud bang in 1843 Germany. Over the previous years, the town ofHomburg in the Saarland distrct, had been opening up Casinos at a rate of knots and soon enough the town had become known for its night time gamblers. French brothers Francois and Lois Blanc, took their new version of the Roulette wheel to the German town and it was widely acclaimed.

The difference between the French version and the German wheel was that the Blanc's had used just a single zero in order to make the game more competitive on the casino circuit. This is the same style still used in Europe today.

Sadly, for Germany, Gambling was abolished in 1860, but the Blanc's wouldn't give up so they took their casino games, including Roulette to Monte Carlo, this began the birth of one of the most famous casino towns in history.

1900 - Present Day - World wide popularity and new media

It was from Monte Carlo that the Roulette wheel was given the title of "King of Casino Games" as the elite from across Europe flocked to play in some of the most expensive casinos the world had ever seen. The single zero version was widely exported across the globe, apart from America who opted to stick to their classic, double zero wheel, and this is how it has remained.

If you want to try the American style board in a physical casino then you will need to travel to Las Vegas, South America or Canada, easier still would be to try some of the amazing online versions. In Europe there has been a lot of press coverage over the last few years regarding the use of Roulette in betting shops, which is causing controversy in terms of regulation of such machines. But the mere fact that we are still discussing this game hundreds of years after its creation just goes to prove how great Roulette truly is!