Getting Addicted to Online Casino? Getting it Under Control

Written by Tavis Poker House. Posted in Hold'em - Learning Players & Odds

If you are spending too much time in front of a computer playing online casino, you might want to control the habit just a little bit.

One friend played regular poker games in the internet, spending five to six hours every day just playing cards in the digital world. This continued for about two months until he noticed that he had been skipping meals, his eyes are getting strained and he is having these head aches, and his electric bills had been higher for the past months. Friends were straightforwardly telling him of this obsession and when he noticed and was convinced that he was getting really addicted about the game, he stopped and reflected. It took him almost four months of strict discipline to ultimately cut down his playing time and manage the obsession.

Online Casino fans must agree that the games that we engage in in this platform, weather it's poker, slots or roulette, can be very addictive if you you are a person of little restraint. However, too much of anything can be pretty destructive for a person. If you are starting to border on some poker addiction (or other online casino game addiction), exercise vigilance and follow these three steps to maintain the hobby, but stop the obsession.

1. Set a specific time schedule in playing the game. If you play five hours a day, try to reduce it to three hours a day for two weeks, then 2 hours a day for two weeks, until you reach a healthy an hour a day play for hobbyists.

2. Try to find other things to do in real life. If you are addicted to online stuff, try to find something worth your while in real life – like sports or offline hobbies.

3. Hang out with friends in real life or concentrate on your work. A change in perspective is difficult so you need the help of your friends or family to get distracted.
Enjoy online casino games, but not too much. Like in alcoholic beverage signs, play moderately.