Erin Ness: A Master of Texas Hold’em Poker

Written by Tavis Poker House. Posted in Hold'em - Learning Players & Odds

If you are under the impression that only males can be masters in Texas Hold’em poker, then you are completely wrong as Erin Ness has redefined the way females play Texas Hold’em Poker. The smart, dashing youngster is no doubt the master of poker today.

The key for Ness’s success in poker is that the youngster started playing poker at a very young age when she was in University in Georgetown and was known to play at least 3 poker games per week.

She won an in-house competition for a seat at 2004 World Series of Poker (WSOP) and then went on to make it big in the professional poker scene. Ness also attracted a lot of eyeballs off the poker table and surprised everybody after finishing 207th place and the 3rd highest female players.